May 31 2012

Hurricane Proof Fencing

If you live in Orlando, you know that hurricanes are very good at knocking down fences. Even though hurricane proof fencing doesn’t actually exist, there are ways to give your Orlando fence more strength so that it can withstand high winds more effectively. For example, if you’re putting up a fence, leave space at the bottom of each panel instead of driving every panel into the ground. This will allow air to flow under the fence, rather than knocking it down.

Also, certain types of fences are definitely better than others when it comes to withstanding high winds. Chain link fencing is very durable in high winds, but not very decorative or pleasant to look at. The best solution is to have a fence that allows air to flow through so it doesn’t form a resistance against the wind. A fence that meets that standard can be made from wood, vinyl or aluminum.

Aluminum Fence Orlando Vinyl Fence Orlando Wood Fence Orlando

These are all beautiful, custom fencing examples made of aluminum, vinyl, and wood. With the spaces in between the posts in the aluminum fence and vinyl fence, there will always be constant airflow running through instead of crashing into the fence. In the wood fence, the unique spacing of the pickets gives a bit more privacy, but plenty of room for air to flow freely instead of attempting to knock the fence over.

When it comes to fencing, anything is possible with a little bit of creativity, the correct materials, and the right company.  If you’re ready to give your Orlando home a custom built fence that is affordable and built to last, contact Paramount Fencing at 407-341-2720 today.

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